Hi there! I’m Sema Erzouki.

I’m a digital marketing strategist that helps entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses leverage the power of Facebook advertising and Social Media to find and sell to their ideal clients online.

I am passionate about coming up with innovative and creative ways to help businesses get seen online and to get them measurable results. I love designing and implementing social media strategies for businesses to help them get visible and achieve their marketing targets. I've worked with businesses in a variety of industries.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses use the best strategies to gain visibility and to get the best bang for their buck when using Facebook advertising.  

I want to help you:

  • Get more targeted, qualified leads
  • Get people to show up for your webinars and live calls
  • Grow your email list, social media following, and Facebook group
  • Make money while you sleep with automated funnels and email marketing
  • Get the highest Return on Investment on your Marketing dollars